Clients Review

Strabo Tours management has worked with several operators in Ecuador over the last 25 years. We have only worked with one for the last twelve years – Inca Holidays. Strabo and Strabo clients get the most out of our tours when we have a personal connection with our operators overseas. Until we started working with Lorena at Inca Holidays, we never felt as secure, or had our clients be as satisfied with the quality of service that we receive. Whether it be mainland Ecuador or the Galapagos Islands.”

Jacque Boehm Steedle



We, BUBO TRAVEL AGENCY, business partner highly recommend the service of Inca Holidays & Villa Doris. 

Each group of our clients returned back home always happy and satisfied. We have never experienced with such an excellent service in Ecuador! This travel agency is always here to help. They take care of our clients as family. We work together for many years and became real friends.

If you are looking for good Business partner with friendly and human approach, Inca Holidays & Villa Doris is a great choice.

Daniela Mihaldova



Cosmic Travel recommends warmly the services of Inca Holidays, specially also the services in Villa Doris. All clients love the stay in Villa Doris!

Inca Holidays had been our Destination Management Company for 18 years and we hope to add even more years

Chris Verdonk



Beautiful place! We only wish we had stayed longer… We must certainly make our best effort to return.  Lorena y Carlos, you have a clear gift in making the stay of your guests very pleasant and tasty (you are a wonderful cook). Muchisimas gracias and the Lord bless you and prosper your journey in this business. 

Pastor Eduardo y Margarita Passmore – USA



All our sincere thanks for the unexpectedly, fine experiences you offered us in the Discovery of the surrounding nature with the flowers and hummingbirds and the overwhelming sceneries. We will not forget your hospitality neither the cooking of Marcelo (your top chef) and the fine company of Edison. You taught us a lot about caring for people.  Thanks for this all!

Jean Pierre & Helena – Belgium