How honored we are to live in a country where the colors of nature shine in every region. Above them all, we chose green! Our small tour company and its beautiful VILLA DORIS guest country house in Nono run ecofriendly practices through the following initiatives:

• The local impact of our tours

Our guides are trained to educate our clients about the culture of the places we visit, their traditions or religion practices. They get encouraged to buy locally made products, respect the areas they visit and take the rubbish with them.
We want our clients to walk as much as possible during the day tours and in cities like Quito and Cuenca we promote biking tours.


• Local communities

We have chosen a few community based opportunities for our travelers who offer a combination of local accommodation, ecotourism, cultural tours and gastronomic experiences. Tourists pay a fair price for this unique adventures, they help the community to get additional income and in exchange tourists obtain rich and genuine experiences while enjoying local traditions and beautiful nature.


• Our loving compromise with the Nono community:

We have invested in the area where we operate and we are pioneers in promoting Nono Cloud Forest as a tour destination. We impact positively in our community by hiring local guides, using local restaurants for our guests, hiring local staff, helping the elderly and being active whenever the local authorities need a hand.


• Cleaning products at Villa Doris

It is important that we all use safer products for guests, our employees and the nature that surrounds us. We have shifted to bio-degradable cleaning products made with bio-based oils, instead of chlorine bleach and petrochemicals.
To contribute to the protection against Covid-19, we use mainly white vinegar as a natural disinfectant


• Food Preparation

For a healthier cuisine in Nono, Villa Doris and Tierras del Fuego Restaurant, integrate local organic products, fresh and seasonal ingredients to offer our guests an opportunity to enjoy a closer connection to the area they are visiting. We source our supplies as much locally as possible.


• Bottled water options

To avoid buying water in plastic bottles we have been providing our guests with filtered water dispensers and complementary refillable bottles.


• Refurbished or used furniture items

Villa Doris beauty has a lot to do with antiques and refurbished pieces of furniture or furniture made with recycled material. We proved old furniture gets back its glamour with a brush and the proper color!